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Duqu 2.0

Background The security company Kaspersky Lab has released details of a sophisticated attack on their internal systems. Kaspersky was one of around 100 victims reported in the West, the Middle East and Asia. The combination of techniques deployed in this attack is notable: crafted spear-phishing messages, multiple 0-day exploits, malicious drivers signed with valid certificates and...

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CERT-UK Weekly Update 02/07/2015

This week’s edition of the ‘CERT-UK Weekly update’ is now live. This document provides insight into the top discussions taking place on the CiSP platform, as well as a vulnerabilities summary. While this document provides some mitigation advice, more thorough information and reporting of other organisation’s experience will only be available on CiSP. You can join...

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Understanding the security of digital currencies for UK businesses

The use of digital currencies has grown over the last decade, though many have lived short lives; failures due either to lack of uptake or investment. Bitcoin however has now established itself as the most successful of all digital currencies, with bitcoin firms receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of investment despite a very rocky life...

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